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A selection of sermons preached in the church.


14/09/14 All Goodness by Paul Clark

13/07/14 The Sower by Sarah Partridge

22/06/14 The Hard Sayings of Jesus by Sarah Partridge

25/05/14 The Altar to an Unknown God by David Lyall

16/02/14 The Sermon on the Mount by David Lyall


17/11/13 On work by Robert Avery

13/10/13 Finding healing by Paul Plumley

16/06/13 Jesus in the house of Simon the Pharisee by Sarah Partridge


25/11/12 The Vote on Women Bishops by Sarah Partridge

30/09/12 The Salt of the Earth by Robert Avery

23/09/12 The last, first by Paul Plumley

15/04/12 Doubting Thomas by Ian Harrison

06/04/12 Good Friday by Sarah Partridge

25/03/12 Passion Sunday: Jesus' humanity by Sarah Partridge

15/01/12 Nathanael by Robert Avery


9th October : On Being Open to the Mystery of God by David Lyell

21 August: Who's Who by Paul Plumley

14 August: the Canaanite Woman by David Lyell

27th March: on Faith by Sarah Partridge

20th March: on Psalm 119 by Robert Avery

27th February: Sermon on the Mount by Paul Plumley

21st January: the foolishness of preaching by Robert Avery

16th January: the New Year by Elizabeth Doyle


12th December: John the Baptist by Sarah Partridge

21st November: Christ the King by Robert Avery

17th October: The Unjust Judge by Robert Avery

27th June: The ordained ministry by Robert Avery

Pentecost by Robert Avery

Sunday after Ascension by Robert Avery

28th February: Justification by Faith by Paul Clarke

14th February: Transfiguration by Sarah Partridge

2nd February: on Sin by Elizabeth Doyle

3rd January: Glory by Robert Avery


29th November: Christmas pudding for Advent by Sarah Partridge

22nd November by Miriam Barker

14th June: Trinity 2 by Robert Avery

31st May: Pentecost: story of Aquila by Paul Clark

8th February: St Paul by Robert Avery

25th January: Conversion of St Paul Elizabeth Doyle

18th January: Vocation and Discipleship by David Lyall


14th December: Advent by Robert Avery

19th October: Bible Sunday by David Lyall

31st August: Moses and the Burning Bush by Robert Avery


Low Sunday (15/04/07): The value of possessions Christopher Gill





the central west window


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