King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells

The Parish Church of King Charles the Marty, Tunbridge Wells

Jubilee Flower Festival

Explore the decades of Her Majesty the Queen through a series of flower installations in the historic heart of Tunbridge Wells. Entry is free. There will be collection boxes for various charities.

Come and explore the oldest building in Tunbridge Wells and see where Kings and Queens have worshipped since 1678.

Thursday 2nd June: 11am – 2pm (early close due to a wedding)
Friday 3rd June: 11am – 4pm
Saturday 4th June: 11am – 4pm
Sunday 5th June: 11am – 4pm

The physical Church building of King Charles the Martyr is of great historic interest as it was the first solid brick building to be erected in the town. The Church’s name (foundation) is relatively unique with only a handful of other churches in the world sharing the same dedication to King Charles the First. Likewise, the building is also distinct as few churches were built during the latter part of the seventeenth century and is grade 1 listed. The plasterwork of the interior ceiling, which was created by Sir Christopher Wren’s master craftsman, is a tourist attraction, and the church was frequented by Queen Anne and most famously Queen Victoria. Handel visited the church on numerous occasions and some famous names gave money for its construction, including Samuel Pepys. Along side the flower festival there will be display about the church’s history and historical artefacts.