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Parish Newsletter 6 June 2017


For the third time in three years we shall be returning to the polls. General elections can be a difficult time for decision making especially in the light of current and political events taking place on the world stage. In response to the election, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have composed a letter directed to all members of the Church of England. I believe it is right therefore to hand my clergy letter over to those in a position of higher authority! The following is a summary of their pastoral letter:

Archbishops Justin Welby and John Sentamu urge people to set aside apathy and cynicism and draw new inspiration from the ancient Christian virtues of love, trust and hope. The three-page letter, intended to be shared in churches, encourages voters to remember Britain’s Christian history and heritage, as well as a concern for future generations and God’s creation, as they make their decisions.

Following divisions of recent years, it calls for reconciliation drawing on shared British values based on cohesion, courage and stability. It upholds marriage, family and households as the building blocks of society which should be nurtured and supported as a blessing.


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